Fruit Love Letters

The Fruit the World Can't Help But Love

The Fruit the World Can't Help But Love
Fruit Love Letters
The Fruit the World Can't Help But Love

“Strand me on an island with one food, I always choose you.”

This is an impassioned ode to the mango. Host Jessamine Starr talks to mango expert Dr. Noris Ledesma, who fell in love with mangoes as a child in Colombia and has since spent much of her career studying this fruit. While both Jessamine and Noris share a great love for the mango, Noris has made it her life’s mission to ensure that it continues to thrive and make it to our kitchen tables. She has traveled around the world collecting mango species in an attempt to cultivate mangoes that can withstand everything from climate change and farmers’ needs to the picky consumer's eye.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Min 1:00: Jessamine recites her letter to mangoes
  • Min 3:30: Meet Noris Ledesma
  • Min 5:40: Why mangoes are so special to communities in Florida
  • Min 8:50: Mango import process to the US
  • Min 9:30: Growing mangoes in the US
  • Min 12:00: Environmental and growing climate concerns and solutions for mango farmers
  • Min 16:00: Purple skin mangoes to prevent food loss due to slight imperfections
  • Min 18:00: Ways to eat mangoes from different regions
  • Min 20:30: Limitations of mango varieties in the US
  • Min 22:00: Mild allergic reactions to mangoes
  • Min 24:00: Mango connections around the world

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Guest: Dr. Noris Ledesma (@norisledesma)

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