Trailer - Fruit Love Letters

January 10, 2022 00:01:00
Trailer - Fruit Love Letters
Fruit Love Letters
Trailer - Fruit Love Letters

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Curious about what’s to come in WRC’s new podcast, Fruit Love Letters? Listen to host Jessamine Starr (@jessasminestarr) tell you all about it in this trailer!

Mark your calendars for the launch of #FruitLoveLetters on Tuesday, January 11!

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Hey everyone. I'm Jesse Sparks host of the new podcast. The one recipe from the team behind the splinted table. This pod is all about that one recipe that you lean on. The one you share with friends, the one you make, when you need a little love. And the one, you know, will work every single time. Every week. I talk with chefs and gifted cooks from all over the world about their one and the story behind it. We're here to help you build your kitchen library, one dish at a time, follow the one recipe, wherever you get your podcast. Speaker 1 00:00:29 Have you ever wondered why rotisserie chicken is so cheap or whether eating a plant-based burger can really help fight climate change? Or how about what labels to look for? To know which food is the healthiest or the best for the environment. If those questions intrigue, you try the new podcast. What you're eating from food, they connect the story behind your food, to what you eat every day. What you're eating helps you understand how food gets to your plate to see the full impact of the food system on animals, planet, and people from conversations with farmers and chefs, to discussions with policy experts on the barriers to sustainability food prints, new podcast covers everything from the why to the how join host Jerusha clipper director of food, every other week for new episodes and more answers to the question you have about what you're eating, listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcast or at food you're eating. Speaker 2 00:01:37 I'm Justin star. And while I'm not a botanist historian farmer or expert on fruit as a chef in Atlanta, I simply have had a lifetime love affair with it. And so I started pinning love letters to fruit. This podcast pairs those letters with my desires to learn more from the miraculous survival adventure of the avocado, to the nurturing personality of a fig all be traversing. The world of fruit, both through my own emotional man and expanding my hunger for more while having discussions with farmers, scientists, chefs, and enthusiasts, fruit love letters will prove there is so much we didn't know about the blueberries, your sprinkle in your cereal, or that seemingly mundane apple snack, both in historical fact and mystique.

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